Bubble Homes & Fish Farts (Toot-toot)

Bubble Homes & Fish Farts cover

So! It’s out. I have a fart book. A whole box of them, actually. Does this mean no one will take me seriously? (Like THAT was going to happen!) Oh well. Working with great people and having a great time will be my revenge. Ha! I should mention at some point that Bubble Homes & Fish Farts was written by Fiona Bayrock, so it’s her book, too. It was her book first, If you want to get technical about it. I am only the illustrator…

We got a nice review from Kirkus. (One more TOOT.) Interested? Read on.

Bayrock’s love of “way cool science” bubbles over in this surprisingly
substantial book. How do animals use bubbles? For sailing, running,
breathing, nesting–even playing (dolphins seem to blow bubbles just
for fun). Sixteen double-page spreads cover 16 wholly different ways
that fish, insects, amphibians and mammals use bubbles. Did you know
that one species of spider creates a bubble home to live in
underwater? That the popping bubbles of snapping shrimp can be “so
loud it gets in the way of U.S. Navy sonar”? That the water shrew can
actually run across the surface of the water courtesy of the bubbles
trapped between its hairy toes? Lively expository prose deftly
combines straightforward facts (the scientific name of each animal),
sound effects (the “fwap-fwap-fwap-fwap” of tree frogs creating foam)
and kid-friendly comparisons (the gourami fish spitting eggs into its
nest looks like it’s playing basketball). Conahan’s whimsical
watercolor illustrations, complete with conversational bubbles, add
humor and interest. Three pages of additional facts and a combined
glossary/index round out a volume that’s sure to rise to the top.
(Informational picture book. 5-10) KIRKUS Jan 15/09

4 Responses to “Bubble Homes & Fish Farts (Toot-toot)”

  1. Dee Says:

    Hey Caro,

    I love your work and your blog is so fun to read. I just wanted to let you your blog is getting hijacked by sattan.org. I’ve bookmarked it three different times, and even typing it in still gets me sent everywhere except to your blog.

    I’ve found a forum about it. (http://wordpress.org/support/topic/220840) Apparently, it’s common in wordpress. Good luck!

    I really like seeing your work, and congrats on your book coming out! I plan on getting it for my son. He’s only 19 months, but what kids doesn’t like bubbles and farts? 🙂

  2. Fiona Bayrock Says:

    Hey, you! Take that “only” out of the last sentence in the first paragraph. It may have been my book first, but it’s *our* book now. :^) You da best.

  3. Mark at Fish Aquariums Says:

    Love your work. Can imagine a few people being intrigued by the title. congrats on the book, must be a real pleasure getting the first copy in your hands.

  4. cdc Says:

    Thanks, Mark! The title does get a giggle, here and there. But I am only the illustrator…

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