Wish Away

The Big Wish Cover

The swirls will be clear on the actual cover. So fancy!

Art is away, into the kind and capable hands of my friends at Chronicle. They’ve been GREAT to work with. I know I’ve said that before, but I’ve been lucky enough to work with one group of talented, funny, and good people after another. In between doing little dances and hooting with glee, I’ve been talking to people (Wow!) and clearing flat surfaces piled high with sketches, furry brushes, squeezed-out tubes of paint, scraps of reference, and a few other things. (Dang– I don’t think that’s edible anymore…. And I thought I paid that bill!) It feels good to finish and move on, even if it’s just to the next stage. Still lots to do in preparation for when the book comes out in the spring. This spring. Really. Oh, be still my stomach…  But I will be queasy about that later. For the moment I am JUST HAPPY. Having a great time working on something different! Not exactly new, but different. Ahhhh.

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