In defense of dandelions

Does this make you shiver?

I’ve always had a sympathy for weeds, dandelions in particular. Why? Because–no matter how you hack, or whack, or chop them, they will grow back. Go ahead! Dig them up. Poison them, chop off their heads, they will survive. Look away for 5 minutes and they’ll thrive, springing up with a head full of wishes to share with anyone who passes by… or the wind.

I have to admire this kind of persistence. Useful in my line of work.

Other interesting facts about dandelions: they are good to eat; chock full of vitamins and minerals and antioxidents. Maybe “good” to eat is a stretch… They have a bite that makes a person feel virtuous (and vigorous, and strong) after eating them. Personally, I like them wilted in a pan with bacon, or with thai chilis, soy and oyster-flavored sauce, and garlic. (Num)
Also: They are considered a beneficial weed. That long tap root breaks up hard soils, and makes nutrients available to other plants. This is a good plant! Gooooood.

Why is a line from Young Frankenstein running through my head…? Hee hee.

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