Working at home (Or: my faithful companion, Distraction)

I’m not complaining, I love my short commute out the back door and across the yard to the shed/workhouse/doghouse/outhouse, or, when I’m feeling la-di-da, the studio. (Snort) Home is home, my place of work, and my happy place, too. But, as most people with home offices know, it’s hard to separate work and personal life when they share a space. Hard to be efficient, and productive, to stay on task, and on schedule.

Managing distraction has always been a challenge for me. Every time I start to think I’ve got the hang of it, some all-new, all-different crisis comes along and I must learn to mange my time all over again. I used to kick myself for not conquering this problem once and for all. But that got old, and wasn’t particularly useful, either. Life changes! So even if I DID make a really great plan, it would only work as long as conditions remained the same. That is just not going to happen. So I try to stay nimble and practice time-management skills every day.

Fiona is always happy to help. So loyal.


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