Box of books

Got my copies of THE PRAIRIE-DOG PRINCE today. Amazing. I know the big publishers work hard to plan their lists and have many concerns to balance and schedule around, but Holy smokes. I finished these illustrations a couple of months ago! Also: the paper is velvety, the binding is sewn, the cover is cloth. Mark’s design is elegant. I could eat this book, it’s so nice. Part of the book takes place aboveground, here’s Annie picking strawberries.

Annie picking strawberries

Then Annie makes an unfortunate wish and is whisked away underground. Here’s Annie with the Gnome King, who is giving her a hard time for being greedy (She wants him to help her father to strike gold). Her answer is “But I want to grow up to be an educated woman, this is why I wish for riches. That I may go to school, to wise teachers who will explain to me all the things that puzzle me so now.”

Annie & the Gnome King

This story was written over a hundred years ago, but hey. I could use a wise teacher. A few things are puzzling me, too.

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