(photo credit: Judi Gardiner)

Growing up at my mom’s house, I rode bareback, picked wild berries, hauled hay, and made jam. At my dad’s house, I got summer jobs in aerospace, watched rocket launches, went on long road trips in the VW van, swam with pretty fish, sharks, barracudas, and alligators. I’ve always found the world to be an interesting place full of contrast and surprises. I attended Reed College, and art school, where I majored in avoiding marketable skills. I did, however, learn to ponder and doodle, and draw, and paint, which turned out to be useful, after all. Go figure.



Photo credits: Jim Appleton (Conahan family in the backyard tree-house), Kilwag (Mark and Fiona on backyard ramp), Me! (handsome family with ice-gloo)

I live in Portland, OR, a very nice place indeed.