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Sneaky weed research

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

Hey! Fiona Bayrock and I are featured on the Seven Kicks section on SevenImpossibleThingsBeforeBreakfast. You’ll find other wonderful things, too, like a recipe for Purple Yam Cake. (Which sounds tasty and is fun to say, too.)Pretty!

Forget they’re weeds… aren’t they pretty? On my street.

Lots of dandelions!

No, this is not my house. Around the corner. Mark thinks this is a little much, but I love it. And in case you’re wondering… I do pull weeds in my own yard. Consistently inconsistent, that’s me.

Current view from the little house...

Bonus: View out my little house window, of the big hole which will soon be a mighty-fine skateboarding pool.