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Happy New Year!

Monday, January 8th, 2007

A week late. Still trying to catch up! Holidays twist your arm to do things you’ve been wanting and meaning to do but can’t seem to make time for; contact people, get together with people, spend time with people, etc… which is good. But all that dang socializing takes time. I don’t have office hours, or take vacation. I work every day and I like it that way! So what happens when school is out and the whole family is home for a week or two? Well. Around this house, everyone has his or her own projects. Here you see K working on her novel (over 100 pages!) G home from her first semester at M.I.T. with an epic poem to share (28 pages of iambic pentameter – No kidding! Based on a prose story written by a friend.) and Mark hard at work on his skateboarding comics and blog.

G and Mark geeking outfamily night at home

With a house full of creatives, I think the secret to compatibility is respectful sharing of space and resources (No hogging the computer! No leaving big messes for someone else to clean up! And yes, sadly, everyone must take a turn doing dishes. And laundry. And the cat box.)

2006 was fine. Good family stuff, steady work, exciting new school visit and book experiences. There’s a nice discussion of the gopher book on John Bell’s Oz and Ends site

But last year is history. What do I want from 2007? More of the same, I guess. Fun. Progress. Growth. (If I was truthful I’d say: Bigger money! Smaller bills! But I am full of fiction. Chock full. Over-flowing.)